Product Photography Techniques Tutorial IN California

Product photography is all about capturing a single product against a plain background to avoid distractions and draw the viewer's attention to the product. While practicing product photography can be fun, it's especially important if you plan to sell items on eBay or through your own website. A good product image can make your advertising more effective and increase your sales. You can also take help from expert orange county CA photographers for the perfect product photography.

To organize the area for photographing products, you can use a table attached to the wall. Take a large sheet of white cardboard and attach one end to the wall and one end to the table. Make sure the map has a curve where it transitions from the wall to the table because you want to avoid creases on the map. This creates a seamless white background for your product photography.

Then set some lights or flashes to illuminate your product and background. Standing with two lights can take far better photos than reading in natural light. Being able to control the intensity, shape, size, and position of the lighting gives you more control over how the photo will look.

Always have hot lights, slow lights, and full-size flashes that work well for lighting as long as you have a way to control their power. Use a lamp holder to hold your lamp in place. This keeps the exposure constant between photos. Your lighting should be diffused, otherwise, you'll end up with sharp shadows that detract from the product.