All About DNA Testing

Since its discovery 20 years ago, the use of DNA to study human identity and relationships has developed into a powerful tool in both civil and criminal justice. 

DNA testing can reveal whether two or more people are related and determine the nature of their relationship. You can also get information about 8 week DNA gender test via the web.

Blood Test for Gender

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Before the advent of DNA testing, human identity tests were mostly based on blood type. DNA analysis has replaced blood tests and is the most accurate method of identifying people available.

The possibility of using DNA to test human identity and relationships has been debated since the time DNA was first discovered as the molecule that makes humans unique. 

Like traditional fingerprinting, which compares the different pricks and coils between two fingerprints, DNA testing relies on comparing certain DNA characteristics, called DNA markers, between two people. 

If the DNA patterns are identical between samples, they are more likely to come from the same individual. If the profiles are not identical but a close resemblance is found, the sample is most likely from a related party.

Today, DNA testing is routinely used for criminal and non-criminal applications. However, there is a big difference between DNA testing for civil and criminal cases. 

In civil cases, DNA testing is mainly used to determine the relationship between people, whereas in criminal cases, the crime scene must be compared with the suspect.