Car Accident Claims and Insurance Adjusters

It will surprise you at the number of people involved in your case if a car accident results in injuries. This will reduce the number of claims.

While they may appear to be working for you during your claim, it’s a good idea to talk to an attorney before speaking with an adjuster. You can also hire an insurance adjuster via

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For-Profit Companies

Insurance adjusters are employed by an insurance company that is often a large publicly traded corporation. The money an injured claimant receives to cover their car accident injuries creates an increase in liability.

Limit Liability

Insurance adjusters assist in settling claims with insurance companies. Adjusters work closely with claimants to ensure that they get the best settlement.

Independent Adjusters An insurance company may use an independent adjuster if they do not have a local claims team in your area. The claims supervisor at the insurance company will usually settle the claim amount.

Insurance companies, self-insured entities, and government agencies sometimes use an attorney to replace a claims adjuster. An attorney cannot do anything different than a normal adjuster.

The Work of an Adjuster

Claims adjusters receive between 50 and 100 claims per month. Show them that you fully understand the value of your claim.

Creating a Case

Being organized and prepared can help you win negotiations. A superior will need to approve if the adjuster wants to settle for higher amounts.