What Are The Benefits of Tubular Skylights?

With tubular skylights, you can bring bright sunlight into your home or office. Natural sunlight can reduce your utility bills and help the environment. Going green means that you use renewable energy sources such as solar and wind.

The basic principle of tubular skylights is that they work by collecting sunlight. The dome captures sunlight, and the light travels through the tubes to the ceiling. This allows natural sunlight to shine through the dome, from the ceiling to the floor, without color distortions. You can find the best skylights suppliers at https://keyliteskylights.com.au/.


A solar tubular skylight can produce 738 watts equivalent incandescent light on sunny days. On cloudy days, you can get 100 to 180 watts of light.

Tubular skylights are ideal for bathrooms, closets and pantries, dark hallways, dens, or any other dark area in your home or office. Baffles are available to control the amount of light coming into a solar tubular skylight. These skylights may also include a light kit to provide lighting for the evening. You can eliminate mildew and mold by using solar tubular skylights for dark rooms.

Tube skylights emit more light than traditional skylights. This is because the dome collects and transmits sunlight down a highly reflective cylindrical tube that runs from the roof into a room. This gives you full-spectrum lighting. The sealed shaft of the lights reduces heat and cold transfer to the home. Manufacturers offer a 15-year to 25-year warranty on solar tubular skylights.