Wet Risers : A Way To Fire Fight!

Fire brings severe losses so preventative measures are important to be taken to prevent fire. Everyone knows what kind of destruction can occur from the fire incident. Houses and high buildings can especially be fully destroyed. During the fire incident it is difficult to reach the top stories of high buildings, hence bring more loss at the top floors. Wet Risers can easily provide water delivering ways on higher floors in a short time to minimize the risk of massive destruction.

Wet Risers are the vertical mains installed on the staircase cover or other appropriate position, with an outlet valve on each floor and inlets installed on the ground to allow the fire brigade  to connect the supply of water in case of fire in the building see here www.keepital.com/company/sg/5-ways-engineering-services-pte-ltd/product/wet-riser-landing-valve. The only function of the wet riser is that they provide a  ready made means to distribute a large amount of water to stub or prevent the spread of fires.

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If you are the owner or executive agent and build a new commercial block and want to install a new riser or have an existing one that needs to be serviced so always go for a professional riser servicing company. The riser must be installed in the building where the floor is higher than 18 meters above the ground. Riser servicing, maintenance and testing must be done every year to ensure that all components are working properly and can be trusted when needed.

Wet risers must be electrically grounded and bond these joints  that do not provide electricity continuity. This consideration is very important and needs to concentrate right during the installation. There are many professional companies in the UK that provide quality services for wet riser services, installation and maintenance.