Wedding Dress: Find a Style That Looks Great On You

It’s difficult for all brides to look the same, because there are so many different wedding dress styles for them to choose from. A bride’s wedding day look will be created by picking out a wedding dress with both a silhouette and neckline that flatters her figure.

Wedding dress styles are composed of several combinations of matching silhouettes. This means that a bride with almost any type of body shape will be able to find a dress that proudly look like.

Let’s start by looking at the most common silhouettes. Wedding dress styles usually fall in these five categories.

Line: Also known as the princess dress, it’s one of the most popular traditional wedding dress styles. The size is defined with a fixed bodice and the rest of the dress flows, usually on the ground. This simple silhouette looks good on almost all figures.

Empire dress: The thing that defines an empire dress is its high waist that is located just under the bust. The lower half of the dress can be a line or something much more arranged. It is recommended for a small bride, because it gives the illusion of an elongated body or for a bride who prefers to cover than to define its size.