Use Of Connectors In The Water Supply System?

Everyone knows, people depend on water for drinking, cooking, washing, carrying out waste, and other domestic needs. Water supply system (also known as “ร บ บ น้ำ ประปา” in Thailand) must also meet the requirements for public, commercial and industrial activities. In all cases, water must meet the requirements of quality and quantity.

Channels are built from cut stones, bricks, debris, or coarse concrete. Pipes are usually made of drill stones or hollow wood logs, although clay and tin pipes are also used. During the Middle Ages there was no important progress in the method or material used to deliver and distribute water.

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In fact, water treatment is a change in water sources to achieve quality that meets the specified objectives. This treatment helps public drinking water to eliminate pathogenic microorganisms, or causes of disease, microorganisms start at that time. The treatment method includes sand filtration and chlorine use for disinfection.

After this treatment, water is distributed to homes and businesses in large pipes called a water parent which is usually buried under our road and sidewalk. Water pump facilities and electric parent are managed by the city, and paid at water rates.

Although, most of the world water use is for agriculture, industry, and electricity. For example, technology is currently developing far so they have many ways to prevent water supply systems. But you have to find the best equipment according to your purchase