Unique Taste and Aroma

A black truffle, or more commonly known as a black mold truffle, is a delicacy usually found only in France and Italy. Also known as "truffles" this succulent has its roots dug deep into the soil. A black truffle contains spores that when exposed to light to produce a chemical reaction that causes the release of a chemical called Hydroxycitric acid, or "PCE". This chemical has proven harmful to most animals, plants, and sometimes even people.

A truffle consists of an edible mushroom, white pith, and flesh. The inner bark of this fruity is what contains the tasty, but unsavory chemicals that cause the reaction in humans. Many other fungi are also classified as black truffles, such as Geopora, Peziza, Choiromyces, and more than a hundred others.

Traditionally, black truffle salt was used by the rich and famous as a cure for poisoning. The anointment of royalty with this special white salt was a sign that they would be shielded from evil. Now you too can enjoy the flavor and unique aroma of this delightful, salty treat. But it doesn't matter if you're just after the health benefits or the elegance of the black summer truffles, it's a win situation! Here are some other benefits that make it worth the while to purchase this luxurious product.

First off, there is the smell. Similar to the aroma of popcorn, long black truffle salt smells great. It has a very distinct and complex aroma, almost like an ethereal perfume, which is really nice when you just want to lounge around and smell good.

Next, there is the taste. The salty, crisp taste of Italian black truffle salt goes great with any recipe that calls for salty foods. Just toss some into any salads or side dishes, or even mix them into a paste with some oil and heat up a bit of food. The flavors blend together nicely and the result is a delicious treat that people will rave about and ask for again. You can also serve the salt on its own, in a sprinkling, or mix it into any warm beverages.

There are other varieties of earthy seasonings that you can find. Many chefs use smoked turkey necks for their smoked salmon, and black truffle salt is often thought of as the classic "world-famous" variety. However, not everyone has the time required to smoke a turkey or extract the juice from a smoked turkey. In that case, you might want to try using creamy Italian sausages, a savory sausage, or even a blend of smoked ham and cheese. Sausage and pepper with a bit of pepper added to the mixture make a delicious, unique, salty version of ham that is very similar to the ham used in this world-famous recipe.

For that distinct taste, try using Mexican black truffle salt, which has a distinct flavor of its own. It has a strong burnt flavor that is almost reminiscent of bacon. Mexican style is usually much less salty than the more traditional New Zealand variety, which is almost completely un-salty. Another great option is going pure sea salt, which has a very distinct taste of its own and is actually lighter than most table salts.

While there are plenty of different kinds of salts that have an earthy scent, none are quite as distinctive as Italian black truffle salt. Many people associate truffles with Italy, but the truth is, this is simply because of the aroma of these decadent treats. Italian truffles have an aromatic smell of coffee, hay, and aged fruit, with hints of nutmeg, chocolate and an almost floral aroma. Many recipes have the added benefit of containing sage, thyme and other herbs, which add additional freshness to the mix. You can make your own recipes that include fresh ingredients, such as wheat berries, fresh or dried fruit and spices, to add to the unique flavor. No matter what kind of salt you use, the distinctive flavor of these finger-foods just cannot be matched by any store-bought brand.