Things To Look For In Dog Training Classes

Not all dog training centers are created equal. We are always amazed how people never question the methods of many dog training centers. 

We've put together this guide for many readers who want to take their dog to a training course but don't know what to look for or who have had negative experiences in the past and aren't sure what to do. You can also look for the best dog training classes in Boulder CO through various websites.

The first thing we suggest is asking lots of questions. Be sure to ask for rates, locations, and refund policies. This last point is important because some organizations charge an annual or lifetime fee. If something bad happened and your dog was killed or injured and couldn't attend, would you get some of your money back?

Also, ask specific questions about your situation. Ask them what you think of the corrective circuit. Did you use any of the alpha training techniques? Choose something your dog will do and consider several decisions before participating. Tell them my dog… (insert annoying behavior) what would you suggest to stop them? 

A lot can be said from their answers. If the solution includes pain, punishment, dog discomfort, yelling, or hitting the dog, then this is their solution to all your dog's problems. There is no need to use any of these techniques. The second thing to do is watch the class. Pay attention to the owner and the dog.