The Ring Lighting For Portraits

Ring lights are mostly utilized for macro photography they're increasingly being used more to create portraits too. The primary reason for using rings for portraits is because they provide a soft and even light without casting stark shadows in the photo. 

Close-up shots are the best benefit because you can select where you'd like the light to be the best effect, without having to worry about shadows that might cause a negative impact on your photo.

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A second fascinating effect of the ring's lights is the dazzling light that appears within the eye of the subject. The eyes reflect light from the entire ring back to the observer creating the illusion it's a small circle of light emanating from the eyes.

Lights for macro shots-

Photography using ring lights is well-known when it comes to making macro photographs. The ring lights are usually placed into the lens of the camera and allow the photographer to get in close proximity to their subjects and not let the shadows created by the camera impact the lighting. 

Imagine you were using an ordinary lighting setup for macro shots and needed to get extremely in close proximity to your subject. In most cases, the camera's lens will begin to create shadows on your subject. Ring light, because it's placed inside of the lens helps to reduce this problem.

Ring lights for cameras are compact and simple to carry for when you're going on a hike and you want to snap macro shots while you travel. They create light similar to light from softboxes and could help you create amazing macros that look like studios when you're in the field.