Online Trading Platforms and Their Advantages

This article will detail the plethora of online trading platforms that are out there and some of the potential uses that end-users and consumers can get out of them. After reading this article the reader will have a better understanding of how to make the best use of online trading platforms.

For a new investor or trader, the large number of online trading in South Africa and their uses can be very intimidating. There are dozens of companies that offer their services, each one claiming that they have better trade execution times or better features packages than the rest of the sector.

Meanwhile, many firms have come out with web trading which they claim is equivalent to proprietary trading and more convenient at the same time. However, try not to believe all the marketing hype, most online trading platforms are good enough for the vast majority of investors.

Here are some possible uses that you might find for an OT platform:

Access to other news feeds and investor information resources. This is probably the biggest advantage of using an OT platform as opposed to a web trading platform. Since large brokers can afford to trade deals with large business news firms, OT platforms have access to a better news feed than the average investor can access.

More stability. Large trading firms have dramatically increased stability in OT platforms. Online trading platforms have an uptime of 99.9% or better, regardless of how stable your computer is. This is in contrast to web browsers that are susceptible to crashes, slowdowns, and lags.

Understanding the Importance of the Forex Broker Bonus

The FOREX broker bonus is a unique marketing strategy used by brokers to entice investors and traders to use their trading services in preference to those of others. These bonuses attract many thousands with the promise of being important members as part of the general team of traders.

So what kind of FOREX bonds do brokers offer and how do you find them? Some brokers expect traders/investors to sell or buy a minimum of ten lots with real money through their accounts to receive a minimum bonus of approximately $ 25. However, generally, traders/investors cannot withdraw the cash until the criteria for operations have been met.

Sometimes time limits are enforced and if the criteria are not met, the FOREX bonus is lost. However, the terms vary depending on the broker and the type of FOREX broker bonus. You can also get additional information on the best forex traders in kenya from

There are currently several types of broker bonuses available. These include bonuses such as:

· Welcome

· loyalty

No deposit

· Deposit

However, many FOREX broker bonuses are specially tailored to a particular situation or promotion that FOREX brokers have. These are usually cash rewards that are normally expected to be used in the forex trading process.

In many ways, the FOREX broker bonus creates a win-win situation for brokers and traders/investors. Clients receive special services specific to the broker and the broker gets more clients. However, both investors and traders should check the fine print and conditions attached to any FOREX-type bond before signing or accepting anything. Not all FOREX bond offers are as easy to come by as they seem.

The FOREX broker bonus plays an important role in the FOREX trading business. By bringing together FOREX brokers and investors/traders, the FOREX bonus is a fun way to earn extra money and incentives.