How to Write a Response to a Private Sector RFP

You have decided to respond to the request proposal (RFP) from a private company. You have an RFP document, or maybe you read the requirements on the company's website. Now you wonder how to start. Writing response to the RFP private sector is no different from writing other proposals, except that you have been given a little previous help by making your potential clients spelling their requirements and inviting you to submit a proposal.

The most important aspect of the writing proposal is to adjust your proposal to people who will read it. You must be able to put yourself in their position, understand what is important to them, and convince them that you have a solution for their needs. So, learn RFP carefully, and if you need to do further research to understand the organization releasing RFP, do it before you start writing. You can choose the best rfp response process at

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Then collect all data for your proposal. Of course, you need to respond to the requirements specified in RFP, but you also need to represent your organization in the best light. Assemble a list of similar projects that you have done and the clients you have done, as well as awards, special achievements, or testimonials that you want to highlight.

Get your organizational history withdrawal, and specify all contact information and links that you want to share with the Proposal Reader. Consider all the information you want to include. It's always best to offer many possible facts and numbers and details.

Then, when you have a plan and you have collected all the information you want to include, sit and start. Start with a cover letter to introduce your proposal and organization. Then include the title page on the front of your proposal – you might want to add to the table of contents and executive summaries of important points later, but this possibility is everything you need for the first proposal section, Introduction.