Top Features Of VoIP Phone Systems for Small Businesses

Small businesses must be able to compete on a global level with large businesses and still stay within budget. A small business should not spend too much money on a phone line. 

VoIP phone systems are a great option because they offer many features at a cost that small businesses can afford. To grow your business, you can also get reliable VoIP phone systems in Toronto at

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Here are a few of the most important features of VoIP phone systems

#1 – Find-Me

This feature is probably the most used in VoIP phones. This feature allows employees to be mobile, which is especially important for sales reps and managers. It forwards any call from the office desk telephone to the employee's PDA or laptop.

#2 Auto Attendant

This solution is ideal for companies that do not have a full-time receptionist to route calls. An auto attendant can provide routing to a directory (see #5) and voicemail. They can also give a friendly greeting and represent the company professionally at all times.

#3 – Conferencing

Small businesses competing globally will love the benefits of unified communications technology that allows for Web and video conferences. It is essential to reach any contact in the world. VoIP phone systems can provide this service at a more cost-friendly rate than standard calling solutions.

#4 – Presence Management

This feature is great for customer service and internal organization. This will display the availability of an employee throughout the company and the best ways to reach them – by phone, email, or IM. Strong employee support, such as presence management, can make a difference in customer support.