Patient Hoists – When Carrying is Not an Option

People with weak leg muscles can now be lifted onto their feet with the help of a useful and durable device called a patient lift. The first model was developed for each immobilized patient. This device helps them stand up and even move from one place to another.

The concept of patient lift stems from the idea that if weights can be held and lifted, humans can too. Before these ceiling hoist systems are released, caregivers or nurses are given the task of moving their patients or lifting them to their feet. This method is not only time-consuming and energy-consuming but can also cause additional injury to the patient.

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What types of patient lifts are there?

1. Unilift ceiling lift for patients.

Due to the endless possibilities used to create this lift, it is the first patient lift that has been used worldwide for many years. This device is permanently attached to the ceiling and adjusted to the dimensions of the room used. It also features various curves, pads and rails so movement is not hindered.

2. Multifunctional elevator and transportation for patients.

This hoist is considered the most functional. This is the guest patient that will be used as a sling. Due to the rotatable design, there are a variety of applications and options that can be used with this lifter. The patient can also be lifted while lying down or sitting. Whichever position is comfortable for the patient, they can be easily moved from one room to another.