Green Tea: Delicious And Healthy Refreshment

Green tea, also known as unfermented tea, follows closely behind white tea in terms of the level of treatment it experiences and the health benefits it offers. It is mainly made in China and Japan with almost the same production process. 

However, it originated in China about 4,000 years ago. Used for medicinal purposes, it has gradually become China's national drink, finding its place in Chinese daily life, religious ceremonies, culture, and ethos. You can also click on the add to cart option to buy your favorite flavor of green matcha tea.

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There are two main steps in green tea production: processing freshly picked tea leaves into raw tea and then processing this raw tea into finished tea. The leaves are picked raw by hand and dried in the sun on a bamboo tray. The leaves are then fried or steamed to drain any remaining moisture.

Many consumers ask, is green tea good for you? Is there caffeine? Contains minimal amounts of caffeine, along with tannins, essential oils, and vitamins. Surprisingly, the caffeine in it is actually healthy.

Some people see green tea as a medicinal drink with a taste that is too weak and watery. They don't realize its versatility and ability to blend in with a variety of foods to create a variety of gourmet temptations.

Try as many different options and combinations as possible; You will never get tired of discovering myriad flavors of green tea.