5 Best Practices Involved With MMS Marketing

Text messages have become quite a powerful tool in terms of engaging your mobile customers and driving the best results with average open rates that exceed 90%. We are mainly speaking about SMS or Short message service and MMS or multimedia message service when you speak about text messaging. Today we will be checking out the 5 best practices implied by MMS marketing.

MMS is now offering the potential in terms of elevating your customer engagement along with the addition of rich media, including pictures and animated GIFs, while both are incredibly effective for mobile marketing. According to the industry stats, it is indicated that MMS messages are significantly known to have high click-through rates and the opt-n rates as a of time being.

The following posts focus on the several practices involved with leveraging the MMS messages as part of your mobile marketing strategy:

  1. Get the Opt-In

The marketers need to get permission prior to sending the SMS or the MMS to the customers, along with keeping track of the requests for opt-in and opt-out. If you are already making use of SMS marketing, you will be able to send out the MMS messages to the opted-in audience, and this is good news here.

  1. Use MMS Selectively

There are a few messages that become the best fit for the MMS marketing compared to the rest, and it is, therefore, vital for you to consider your aims and the kind of content you are planning to send.

For the simple, transactional messaging, concise information the needs less than 160 characters, along with time-sensitive updates, SMS messages are the best. MMS, on the other hand, is well-suited for the creative marketing messages along with the promotions relying on visuals for engaging the audience. All you need is to test if you are not sure about the kind of message that works for you!

  1. Time it Right 

Send the right message at the right time is the adage that you have already heard. It s quite true for text messages since most people finish reading in just a matter of a few minutes. In terms of timing your SMS messages right is through automation. You can easily respond to the specific user actions with the messages that are relevant and useful with the event triggers along with the intelligent automation.

For instance, sending the welcome coupon after the initial interaction of the customers with the brand or for delivering the loyalty card immediately after the sign-up can be done. You should also be making sure that you are quite respectful of the factors, including the holidays as well as the time zones.

  1. Test & Optimize

Testing and optimization are both essential for making every MMS marketing message and customer experience the best as with all the marketing channels. You can easily run various experiments along with the different variations of your MMS messages in terms of determining the ones performing best and optimizing your campaigns with robust A/B testing.

  1. Take a Global View 

You can save the money of your company along with optimizing the MMS spend is by knowing where MMS is highly effective. Your customers in the United States might not be responding to your promotional messages in the manner in which your customers in Europe do. It is the reason why you need to localize your MMS along with optimizing the content on the basis of the country.