How to Choose a Stylish Laundry Bag

Living an independent life in the dorm teaches teens to take on a variety of tasks and be responsible. If you are planning to decorate your teen's dorm room, ask her to make a list of the essentials that will be needed. 

Most dorm rooms have a modest space, which is used as a kitchen, bedroom, and living area. Opt for dorm furniture that is not only comfortable and stylish but also saves space and provides ample storage. This article tells you how to choose laundry bags that help your teen stay organized.


Deciding on the size of the laundry bag is essential. Size depends on two factors – the size of the dorm room and the frequency of laundry. Buy a LastObject Laundry Bag if your teen will be doing laundry weekly. For people who do their laundry regularly, choose a small laundry bag that doesn't take up much room.


Choose a laundry bag that matches the theme and complements the decor of your teen's dorm room. Boys can choose to sport laundry bags in solid colors like black or blue with their favorite sport. Similarly, girls can opt for laundry bags in bright colors like pinks and purples with fun and feminine prints. You can personalize your teen's laundry bag with monogrammed initials and fun accessories.

Apart from being purchased, laundry bags can also be made at home. Just choose a fabric and a sewing machine and you are ready to go! Remember to choose a laundry bag that has a sturdy bottom with a chic design to enhance your teen's dorm furniture.