The Many Ways To Avoid Inheritance Tax

Inheritance taxes are becoming a reality for many families because of rising real estate prices alone. Mortgage giant Halifax Bank of Scotland estimates that more than 2 million properties in the UK could cost enough to burden their owners with a tax bill. You can get the right guidance for inheritance taxes in UK at

The inheritance tax is 40% and is levied for the current tax year on any £1 of assets over £300,000. Property tax of £400,000 is 40% of £100,000, accounts for £40,000. "This is a sizeable amount of money, but inheritance taxes are often referred to as voluntary taxes because there are many ways you can legally manage your finances to avoid or reduce them. 

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* Husbands and wives do not pay inheritance tax on the money they leave behind, as who have registered as civil spouses. But if you are in a straight relationship and are not married, consider getting married. Otherwise, your share of total assets may leave your spouse's tax account.

* Make a Will: Not all of your money will automatically go to your spouse if you die without a will and this can leave the family with one account.

* Husbands and wives can organize their desires in such a way that they don't "lose" group zero simply by leaving everything to the other. Trusts can be formed to transfer assets to children but allow the surviving spouse to benefit from them. This can save up to £120,000 in taxes (40% off zero rates if not lost). This may include shares in single-family homes, but it is important to seek advice on this as regulations – especially those relating to single-family homes – need to be regulated according to the HM's practices and income.

* Pensions and life insurance that are listed as “secret” are usually not taxed and this must be taken into account when creating insurance or annuities.