Eye Tracking Exercises For Kids – Eye Strengthening Exercises

There are several eye tracking exercises for kids that will teach them to relax their eyes and let them rest after a long day of studying school information. Seeing new information can strain your eyes as you try to understand and remember it. Straining and watching is the worst thing we can do to our eyes and can cause long term damage over time. Our eyes should be given a chance to rest from time to time. You can also get more info about eye tracking problems from the best optometrist in Toronto.

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One eye tracking exercise for children is known as the Bates Method, named after Dr. William Bates, a renowned ophthalmology teacher and researcher. He suggested that children learn very bad habits in school that cause eye problems. They have a natural curiosity and thirst for knowledge which can sometimes tire their minds and overwhelm them. It can also affect the eyes and stress them unnecessarily.

The Bates method is designed to help children gain more knowledge without straining their eyes. It's actually quite simple. dr. Bates drew a diagram full of familiar shapes and letters and hung it on the wall outside the classroom. He then encouraged the children to look at the charts if they felt overwhelmed. Knowing the shape of the board allows children to relax their eyes. Even looking at a chart for 3 minutes a day can relieve eye strain.

The exercises were carried out in several schools and the teachers saw a marked improvement in concentration and progress. However, the school board saw this as a nuisance and never paid full-time contributions.

Bates' method is not very useful for children. People of all ages can create their own charts and use them at work to relieve the tension and stress of their work.