What Do You Learn In A Scuba Diving Course?

Your diver training might start with a brief introduction to how the course will be compiled and then you will be displayed a series of instructional DVDs about all the skills you will learn during the course. After each DVD segment, your instructor will then spend time talking to you through what you have seen, make sure you understand what is discussed, and end with a short double choice test to check whether everything sinks.

All training aspects are discussed in class-based work, from the way kits, exercises and safety procedures, and some DOS and should not be done. You can consider the high tech diving spots in Thailand if you want to learn scuba diving.

Here are some points mentioned to be considered.

Swimming pool training

After your classwork is ready to advance to the pool. You will be given for the first time the gear that you will dive into and be taken to the pool that is suitable for learning how to use it safely. But, there is something to do before you start the kit and it's a swimming test! There is nothing complicated – you only need to show that you can push yourself through water for the specified distance and then float for the amount of time specified. It doesn't matter whether you are a fast or slow swimmer.

After this is complete, you can then assemble your diving equipment with the help of your instructor. There is an order to unite everything and you need to learn this. Next, you will enter the water, maybe just with masks and snorkeling, and start basic training.

Open water training

Finally, you are ready to take your Scuba equipment into the water real. Selami the first will be quite shallow and you will start practicing some more exercises – the mask cleanses on the sea and so on. After that, your instructor will take you on your first dive followed by entering and then using the table to calculate your nitrogen saturation.