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The planes that people fly on corporate flights are usually much smaller than those found on airlines. The exceptions to the rule are Boeing's BBJ and Airbus' Corporate Jet, both of which are based on smaller types of aircraft offered to airlines.

Company flight attendants are usually assigned to "cabin class" aircraft. They are larger planes, usually 19 seats or fewer, so you can easily get up and walk around the cockpit.

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Compared to the Westwind, Lear, or Cessna, the larger planes have paths for ascent and descent and the altitude is usually sufficient to allow for easy travel for anyone less than 6' tall.

Major cabin aircraft manufacturers include Bombardier Challenger/Canadair, Dassault Falcon Jet, and Gulfstream aircraft. In addition, Embraer recently launched and features a variety of Hawker 800XP and other similar-sized aircraft that flight attendants sometimes use. It really all depends on what the customer wants.

Corporate jets are very well equipped everywhere. Almost all creature comforts are included; literally, the corporate boardroom is being moved from the 41st floor to 11,000 feet!

Custom-made mahogany cabinets, leather upholstery, quality carpets, wood upholstery, chenille sofas are just a few of the things in the cabin, while the kitchen can be furnished in elmwood, finished with a special crystal powder.

Many kitchens also contain items such as high-temperature ovens, microwaves, Krups dual coffee makers, and hot cups.