How Much Does a Retractable Pool Roof Cost?

Covering your pool is especially important during inclement weather because a good covering can protect not only your water but your bowls and vinyl flooring as well. This is a worthy investment if you plan to maintain your pool area. So make sure you set the cover price if you haven’t already.

How much does a swimming pool roof cost?

As with other swimming pool accessories, prices can vary depending on needs. Suitcases also vary in style, from simple tarps to sturdier suitcases for winter. Your local pool supply store can help you find the right pool roof for you, especially if you need a custom cut for your odd-shaped pool. As for the costs, let’s look at the general details:

If you want to install a retractable pool roof system, then you can visit the online source.

Pool above head

If you have an overhead model you may find it easier to get a roof over the pool. In terms of design, there are not many deviations – above-ground pools are round or oval in shape and are available in certain widths. You will most likely find that the coatings available are from the same company that supplies the pool.

A simple winter case used to protect water and prevent bad weather can cost anywhere from twenty to several thousand dollars – you have to decide which features will add to the price. Hardcovers and regular mesh roofs are less expensive and usually don’t exceed a few hundred. However, the motorized hood will definitely give you your money back.