Decorating an Office With Wall Graphics In Australia

So you have a new office, maybe you even got a promotion! This is great, but your shiny new trench might need some help. You definitely need to decorate it to suit your personal style. Personal photos or custom framed paper posters are popular choices, but it's not like drilling a few holes in the wall to hang a picture frame and the walls don't need to be painted, they still belong to the company. 

Even if you're just talking about decorating your home office, why bother making permanent changes that you can't undo later. One option you may not have considered is using wall & floor graphics, also known as wall stickers.

The great thing about custom wall graphics, as opposed to simple posters or photos, is the flexibility they offer. Traditional posters and photos come in several sizes and require a frame and hardware to attach them to the wall or some type of potentially harmful adhesive such as stickers or tape to attach to the wall.

Wall stickers, on the other hand, come in a variety of sizes from one foot to two and a half feet and can be personalized with any graphic, from business-related ones like maps, charts, and organization charts to personal ones like family. photos, sports teams or decorative photos.

Custom wall graphics can also be cut into any shape you specify. The map can be cropped to the profile of the country, country, or continent you want to display, or you can crop a personal photo or use it as a silhouette to crop an area. They are self-adhesive and do not require paste, tape, or stickers.