Collecting and Caring for Comics

Have you just started your comic book collection or already have a comic book collection and just want to know the best way to take care of it? Then this is a short article for you.

Direct sunlight is comics’ worst enemy. Comic-printed paper is the same as a newspaper, and you know how quickly it rips and turns yellow, and the same will happen to your comic book collection if you don’t avoid this step. Modern comics are printed on much better paper, but still, need to be treated the same. You can also find comics in french (also known as bd en fran├žais)in the french language.

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The humidity will turn your comics yellow or worse, shaping and destroying your comics very quickly. Bet you don’t know if you mix dirty comics with your good ones, the shape will spread. To avoid this potential problem at all costs.

Tapes are great and handy for sealing your comics in your pockets and boards. However, if it catches your comic while you take it out it will potentially rip, and yes this has happened to me in the past, luckily only for cheaper comics but imagine it would be expensive.

Bags and Boards with Them: Comic bags and boards are a little expensive and a must-have as they protect your comics. The bags and boards you use are acid-free and should also be changed every 2 to 3 years to keep your comics safe at all times.