Classification Of Visas For Australia

A visa is an official permit granted by the government to allow foreign nationals to enter, stay, and leave a country. It is the entry ticket to a country that is required regardless of the nature of the visit. A visa to Australia is required for any foreigner who wants to visit the country, just like in almost all other first-world countries. The Government of Australia clearly has separated visa applications based on the nature and duration of the visit.

The following are the legal classifications of visas in Australia:

Student Visas:

Students visas are issued by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection with great care. A visa for a student traveling abroad is only granted after the government has received and accepted a detailed, in-depth analysis of the student's study program and financial backing.  Hop over to this link to get the student visa with the completion of all the required documents and formalities.

Australia Student Visa

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The nature of the study determines the classification of this visa. International students traveling to Australia to pursue a graduate or postgraduate degree are granted separate visas. This is in contrast to students traveling to Australia to participate in high school exchange programs. Students with this visa cannot work prior to the start of their studies and may only apply for a job that is less than 20 hours per week.

Skilled Migration:

These visas allow foreign nationals to come to Australia with a permanent migration permit. They are valid for up to six months and can be used to prove that they are skilled in an area of significance to Australia.