An Overview Of Urethane Medical Balloons

What are urethane medical balloons?

Medical urethane balloons are a type of medical device that is inserted into the bladder through the urethra. The balloons are inflated with gas and used to increase urination frequency in people who have difficulty achieving complete urine elimination. This is done by constricting the bladder and forcing more urine out. 

Benefits of urethane medical balloons

There are many benefits to using urethane medical balloons in increasing urine frequency in people with difficulty achieving complete urine elimination. Urethane medical balloons are safe and easy to use and can provide long-term benefits for those who are struggling to eliminate their urine.

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Urethane medical balloons help increase the flow of urine by decreasing the size of the bladder neck. This makes it easier for the bladder to expel its contents and can lead to increased urination frequency. In some cases, urethane medical balloons can even help relieve urinary tract infection (UTI).

Lower durometer polyurethanes will offer higher compliance which works well for occlusion but can also be used for placing a stent or heart valve. Polyurethane is quickly becoming the most widely used balloon material in new product development for balloon-based devices.

Urethane medical balloons are a safe and effective way to increase urination frequency in people who are struggling to eliminate their urine. If you’re interested in trying urethane medical balloons for yourself, be sure to talk with your doctor first. You can find more information about Urethane medical balloons via

How do you insert a balloon into the bladder?

If you're having trouble achieving complete urine elimination, a urethane medical balloon may be the answer. Balloon placement can be tricky, but following these steps should help:

1. If you are using a catheter, remove it before inserting the balloon.

2. Clean the area around the bladder with soap and water and dry it off.

3. Apply pressure to your bladder using your index finger and thumb, then insert the balloon using a mirror or light as a guide.

4. Hold the balloon in place for about five minutes, then release the pressure gently.