All About Sliding Door Track Repair

After years of use, it’s just obvious for your sliding glass door track to become worn down or slightly damaged. Worn-out rollers, dirt, and debris all take their toll on the patio door over time. Regular maintenance such as cleaning the tracks or changing the rollers will prolong the life of your door by decades. It’s not unusual to repair a 40-year-old sliding glass door and have it roll as good or better than new.

The key is to not let your sliding door track get damaged beyond repair. In most cases, the damaged patio door tracks can be repaired quickly and easily. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Contact experts for sliding door track repair via┬áMost sliding door track damage can be repaired with a stainless steel track cap.

This cap is placed over the damaged sliding glass door bead and provides the new rollers with a smooth surface to roll on. A smooth-rolling surface will prolong the life of the new sliding door rollers. We also refer to the track cap as a track saver. We call it a track saver because if you install the cap when you install new rollers it will save the track from ever being damaged.

As a side note, no sliding door roller repair is complete without installing the stainless track saver. Save big bucks in the long run. Get it done right the first time.